Ms Allis and Ms McCarthy’s LCA2 Class Work

March 26, 2020 Admin



 Ms. Allis / Ms. McCarthy/ Ms. Barrett 

Hope everybody is well and doing a little bit of course work. 

Please continue with the work packs that you have taken home. 

The Leaving certificate papers and marking schemes are available on the leaving certificate applied archive material site 

English and Communications 

We suggest that you download the English and Communication exam papers and audio visual clips. Complete the papers within the two hours. 

Begin with the audio visual section and then one question from each of the four sections. 

  1. Communicationsand the Working World
  2. Communicationsand Enterprise
  3. The Communications Media
  4. Critical Literacy and Composition


Use your notes on enterprise, work experience and film to complete these sections.  

Write as much as you can ….don’t leave any blank lines! 




Social Education 

We have completed the Social Education modules in school. 

To prepare for the summer examinations we suggest that you download the sound file and exam papers from the website.  

There are three sections in this examination. 

 Section A: Aural         

All questions must be answered. 

 Section B: Short Answer        

 You must answer 10 questions. 

 Section C: Long Answer 

 There are four questions, 

 Question C1, Question C2, Question C3 and Question C4 

You must answer Question C1 and any two other questions. 

We suggest that you complete the paper in full as you will have enough time in the exam to do so. 

Listen closely to the aural test as question ten is not written on the paper so you need to write it down as it is being called out. 

Complete all of the short questions. 

Write as much as you can and use full sentences for the long answers. 

Compare your answers to those supplied on the marking scheme. The marking scheme may give you some new viewpoints. 


Complete the work packs that you have taken home and the short question on the exam papers. Make a note of the questions that you have difficulty with and we will revise those short questions and the long questions with you when you return to school. 



The French exam papers and marking schemes are also available on the LCA website. 

You have completed the modules in school. 

It is important that you revise numbers, directions and your general vocabulary at home. 

Download the papers from the website and complete the Identity card, the menu etc. 

Check your answers with those supplied on the marking schemes. 


Hair and Beauty 

We suggest that you download the exam papers and marking schemes as these papers are also available on the website. 

You must complete 4 questions, one from each section. 

 This exam is 90 minutes  

  1. Salon and Customer Care 
  1. Haircare 
  1. Beautycare 
  1. Bodycare 


Compare your answers with the marking scheme and write as much as you can. 


 Best of luck with the exam papers, hopefully we will see you soon. In the meantime stay safe and well.