Room 1 Work (Ms Cormack’s Class)

March 25, 2020 Admin

Dear parents/guardians 

I hope you are all keeping well at this time. As the school closures have been extended please find enclosed further home work activities that can be carried out over the next few weeks. The most important thing is revision of work that has already been carried out over the year. As some may not have access to a printer at home I have created ideas that you can carry out either by writing down, using your phone, or using household items. 

Also, you can download many amazing education apps on your phone or iPad that can help with your child’s learning. 

The following are guidelines for learning but please feel free to carrying out any learning activities that may arise over the next few weeks. 


Ms. Cormack  



  • Revision of writing numbers-writing out numbers on paper windows (not walls!!) 
  • Revision of addition 
  • Revision of time-making their own clocks, creating a daily timetable, matching games 
  • Revision data-create their own surveys e.g. favourite foods, colour, tv show etc 
  • Revision of money-sorting piggy bank, making their own coins 
  • Setting up their own shop 
  • Revision of mental maths 
  • Counting games 
  • Revision of 2d shapes-treasure hunts finding and drawing 
  • Counting games-counting toys, shoes, shopping etc 
  • Dice games-throwing dice and counting spots 
  • Snakes and ladders  
  • Kids monopoly 
  • Hopscotch 
  • Swat the number 
  • Bingo 
  • Card games, e.g. snap 
  • Colour by numbers 
  • Jenga-write sums on jenga blocks 



  • Continue reading -books, newspapers, cereal boxes etx 
  • Revision of phonics sounds 
  • Revision of letter writing 
  • Comprehension questioning of book read, e.g. who?what?where?when?how?why? 
  • Letter mouth formation of sounds-mirror 
  • Magnetic letters  
  • Writing daily news 
  • Writing shopping lists 
  • Writing letter to grandparents/friends/neighbours  
  • Journey of a letter  
  • Reading recipes/ingredients 
  • Creating their own daily newspapers 
  • Writing dinner menus 
  • Creating their own news (role play) 
  • Making up their own interviews 
  • Subtitle their favourite movie 
  • Revise sightwords 
  • Kids scrabble 
  • Kids trivia board games 
  • Letter bingo 
  • Write sightwords on jenga blocks 


  • Personal hygiene especially coughing, sneezing etc 
  • Helping out at home e.g. jobs at home, tidying toys, folding clothes 



  • Nature walks 
  • Leaf rubbing 
  • Change in weather  
  • Collecting garden items and creating nature tables 
  • Looking at old photographs-then and now 
  • Discussions with grandparents-then and now 
  • Home cooking/baking/helping in the kitchen 
  • Create your own STEM boxes (lego, blocks,straws,cups,sticklebricks, jigsaws etc…loads of ideas on google) 


  • Joe Wicks YouTube videos 9am 
  • Jumping Jack’s 
  • Skipping 
  • Ball practice-soccor or basketball 
  • Create obstacle courses  
  • Running/hopping/jumping 
  • GoNoodle-dancing (it’s amazing!) 
  • Creating their own dancing 
  • Balancing 



  • Arts and crafts 
  • Window painting 
  • Self portraits 
  • Shadow drawing  
  • Painting 
  • Sticking and gluing 
  • Jigsaws 
  • Collecting rocks and painting them 
  • Make a kite 



  • Song singing 
  • Body percussion 
  • Making percussion instruments 
  • Drawing pictures listening to music 
  • Sing a long movies 
  • YouTube karaoke 


Alot of the book publishers have unlocked their websites so that you can have full access to online materials 



English phonics phonics 









There are infinite resources online 🙂