Room 10 Work (Ms Garvey’s Class)

March 25, 2020 Admin

Hello girls,

I hope that you are all staying well and keeping yourselves busy, helping around the house and doing your bit…(Remember it’s still Lent, we can fill in our kindness deeds when we get back to class!!!). I miss you all so much and am already looking forward to our next catch up and tea party. Below is just a suggestion of some work for you to tip away at and will all be recognised as part of your JCSP Statements. Please mind yourselves and your families.

There are lots of book companies that have their books free to use. I am only using cjfallon at this time.

Please log onto to to get the books

English: My Read at Home 3 (Use 2 if you would prefer). You can read a page and answer the questions each day. Just pick your favourite… don’t worry about what page it’s on!!

Continue reading ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ and use the JCSP Booklet for the questions.

Maths: Continue with your homework books. One page per day.

Brain Teasers 2 or 3 on the cjfallon website are great books too, so have a look at them.

Irish Cultural Studies: What a Wonderful World 3 Pg 2: Family Facts.

In a copy gather as much information as you can about a parent/grandparent…. (I’ll be able to shock them when I meet them next with how much I know about them!!)

What a Wonderful World 3 Pg 18 Ireland

These exercises are both revision and the GAA Jersey will complete the final target on you Statement.

SESE: What a Wonderful World 3 pg 10:

Quick starter activity. Give the directions from your house to: The shop, the bus stop, town or anywhere else you like.

PE: Joe Wicks is offering great PE Sessions on youtube each morning at 9am. I’m doing them here with Rosie and Paddy, why don’t you join us!!

Girls, I’ll be in touch soon… now go and make a cup of tea for your mom, dad or nana, then tidy your room. Start this work tomorrow!!!!

Warmest Regards

Ms. Garvey xxx