Room 16 Work (Mr Delahunty’s Class)

March 26, 2020 Admin

Hello All


I hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe.


I am attaching some work for the students to complete during their days.


I have attached a Life skills folder which has a snippet from all subjects been completed in QQI, some maths worksheets and details for a research project.


If the students completed a page of maths and 2 pages (approx.) from the Life skills folder per day it would be great.  I would also encourage students to keep up their reading skills with some independent reading. Also get active around the house – inside and out and limit your time on social media and the game consoles.


Project work.

I would like you to complete a research project on a person that has inspired you in your life.   It can be a family member, sports person, a writer, a musician, actor etc.


Give a factfile on their life

  • Where they were born
  • Where they lived
  • Interest and hobbies etc


Outline why/ how they inspired you

Would you like to follow their footsteps?


Include as much information on this person as you can.


Include some pictures.


Project can be in word format (Typed), handwritten, displayed in a scrap book or in poster display.  If you want to leave the printing of the project until you return to school this is fine also.

See ye all soon,

Mr. Delahunty


Worksheets (27/3/20)

add_multi (1) add_multi greater_integers (1) greater_integers integer_add_2terms (1) integer_add_2terms order_of_operations_no_divide (1) order_of_operations_no_divide time_adding (1) time_adding word_add_2digit_2addend word_add_2digit_3addend (1) word_add_2digit_3addend word_add_missing_addend (3) word_add_missing_addend


Worksheets (30/3/20)

Activity – English Marks & Exclamation-Marks Art Challenge – Bunratty Castle Maths 1 Maths 2 Maths Challenge – money-calculator-game-reach-the-target Money_Worksheet (2) Money_Worksheet (3) Money_Worksheet Money_worksheet_3 Money_worksheet_4 Money_worksheet_5 Reading 1 -Monday Reading 2- Tuesday Reading 3- Wednesday Reading 4 – Thursday Reading 5 -Friday roald-dahl-differentiated-reading-comprehension-activity_ver_8