Room 19 Work (Mr Boland’s Class)

March 27, 2020 Admin

Hi everyone.

I hope you’re all staying indoors, social isolating and staying healthy.

Here is some work that should keep your study on track for the next week as we continue to prepare for the Junior Cert :-).



Re-read these poems and then revise your notes on then:


Look at this old exam paper

  1. 6 and p. 7 – Read the Michael Morpurgo story and find the answers to each of the questions. Look at the last question; what was the difficult decision Blue had to make in The Savage? Be creative.

p.8 and p. 9 – read the poem and find the answers to each of the questions in the text. The last question – think of a poem you found ‘interesting’. Think of a poem other than Midterm Break.


Be sure to be looking over all of the notes at the back of your Study Folder and sample answers. Be reading over them every day because those are the questions that will come up in June.

STUDY AND LEARN – Romeo and Juliet – two characters that love each other AND a character that had to make a difficult decision. Look over the notes for the poems Timothy Winters and Tich Miller.



Have a look at a few questions here.

Q4 (b) – this is the one where you fill in all the possible examples of 16GB/32GB and white/black/pink/blue. No combination should appear more than once.

Q11 – the first part you sub in the letters, and the second part is where you put a circle around the +2.

Q14 – this is where you find the ‘opposite’ angles in Part A. There are hints to B(ii) in the Revision Notes you got on the last day.

Q15 – you will have to write out y = 4x + 1 three times. Then sub in the numbers.


Be sure to be looking over your notes on ‘types of triangles’.



These are some news footage from WW2. Have a look.


Look over the Short Questions and Q4 (page 14) on this exam paper.

Continue to look over your Study Folders, especially:


BRAZIL – FAVELAS (“Favela is the Portuguese word for a slum or shanty town….”)




It’s good to stay healthy everyone. Have a look at this video on YouTube and take part.



And most importantly everyone – stay healthy. That means staying in and avoiding your friends for the moment, which is no doubt difficult but it will be best for everyone’s health in the long run.

If everyone plays their part (not just you but the adults too), coronavirus will soon stop being a problem in Ireland and we can get back to normality in life. If anyone is feeling stressed or anxious, have a look at this video on Youtube… and it might help.

It must be tough to study with the uncertainty about school at the moment but the exams will be going ahead one way or the other so you guys need to keep working away.

Stay safe, healthy and hopefully all will be back to normal soon!



Mr Boland.