Room 2 Work (Ms Gleeson’s Class)

March 25, 2020 Admin

Room 2 Work 29/3/2020 to 3/4/2020


Blue Book:

Chapter 10 Place Value 1 Pg 49- 52

Chapter 20 Subtraction 2 Pg 84-86

Yellow Book

Next 5 pages I have created an account for everyone in room 2 on Here I have assigned some work that is suitable for room 2. Please have a look!

Here is the login page:

Here are the passwords:

Some other great websites for maths:


Exercise Your English

Green Book: next 4 pages

Yellow Book: next 4 pages


· Complete the next unit in your book (I think its Unit 24!) · Use the website to practice the words in this unit.

Here are some great websites for reading and English.

· I will be assigning English work on study ladder as well. · · ·

SESE- Science/History/Geography

· Try to get out for lots of lovely nature walks and notice/talk about the signs of spring.

· Learn about the life cycle of a butterfly.

· Make a map of your house/ garden. Have a treasure hunt!


· Try out “Fitness Bingo!”


· Learn about the different instruments in the orchestra

(This game has to be played on a laptop)

Above all, stay safe and stay well! Wishing you all the best! Ms Gleeson