Room 21 Work (Ms McGann’s Class)

April 1, 2020 Admin

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Here is a list of interesting educational resources which you can explore with your daughters.

Also, I would encourage you to continue with practising spellings (if they have their spelling books), Dolch List words and tables (both available online) from where we left off. The tables start from addition and then move on to subtraction, multiplication and division. For those that have QQI folders (sent home on closure day), please leave the sticky notes on completed pages (this will help me keep track of completed work for correction). Those are the main priority at present.


Home Page






NATE responds to school closures – free resources and support




Remind them that this will pass and to keep in touch with family members and friends so that they feel less isolated. Setting routines that include household chores and family bonding time are important too.


Thank you for your ongoing support and please send my best wishes to your daughters on my behalf. I miss teaching every one of them.


Stay safe and see you all soon.


Ms McGann 😊