Room 3 Work (Ms O’Callaghan’s Class)

March 29, 2020 Admin

Hi boys and parents of children in Room 3,

Firstly I hope that you are all keeping well and safe, and staying at home, as advised. I know that you will be missing the routines and structures of going to school. I think we are all feeling the same way. No-one knows how long it will be before it is safe to return to our normal lives, so in the meantime here are a few ideas that might help you.

I know some of you already do, but keeping a daily schedule might help the boys. So maybe make a plan for the day/week and have a simple timetable for the boys to follow. They are very used to following a schedule in Room 3 and enjoy the predictability of knowing what is happening each day.

Of course this will all depend on your own family situation so only you can decide how best to do this.

Here are some ideas for the schedule, in no particular order:

spend time each day listening to your child read, and/or read to your child

ask questions about the book as you go, to help with comprehension

have a time to just chat about things and perhaps once a week encourage and help your child to write a story about the week 

maybe make a weather chart and each day ask your child to draw or write a word to describe the weather

play games, such as a board game like Snakes and Ladders, or a simple card game, like Snap or Fish

play a Language game like I Spy

make time each day to go for a walk to get fresh air and exercise

play in the garden with a basketball or a skipping rope etc

do some stretches and exercises like Star jumps or wall push-ups

help with domestic chores: like making the bed or helping in the kitchen, help to prepare a simple meal or set the table, wash or dry up the dishes, sweep the floor etc

personal hygiene has never been so important so continue encouraging the boys to wash hands the recommended way, sneeze or cough into the elbow etc

help with personal care skills like how to tie a shoelace or do up buttons etc

Academic work: you may continue to the next week of the Tables book, plus 10 (you have the counters or 100 square at home to assist)

For those with the book, 2 Little Frogs, you may read and complete the next chapter in the book

RTE 2 are beginning to broadcast “School on TV” next Monday from 11 to 12 every Monday to Friday. This may be worth a look.It is aimed at Primary children from 1st class up to 6th class.

There are educational websites that may be helpful as well, such as;….they have lots of activities that you might find suitable to use. Other websites have also been recommended by other teachers on this school website so maybe browse through them as well

For art and craft activities will have loads of simple ideas. You may make something for Easter…a card perhaps to send to a family member that you cannot visit at the present time

Finally I will attach 5 different worksheets to do, (crosswords or word searches are also easy to access online). If you have access to a computer and printer that is fine, but if you don’t please don’t worry about them. They are just there if you would like to do them.

  1. That’s it for now.

Please stay safe, and hopefully we will all get through this difficult time and see each other again before too long,

Kind Regards, Marea O’Callaghan

Directions wordsearch

Easter Word Hunt

Happy Easter

Sight word worksheet