Room 7 Work (Mr Cummins’ Class)

March 26, 2020 Admin

Hey guys, hope ye’re all keeping well and not missing school too much. Hopefully this business with the virus will be over soon and we can get back to normal. It looks like we’ve been doing a great job in Ireland and we can get back soon enough, I’ll be looking forward to seeing all of ye. My new puppy says hello, he has all the furniture in my house eaten and I won’t even tell you what the house smells like. I hope ye’re staying busy and getting out when you have a chance, it’s very important to get fresh air but make sure to stay 2 metres from anybody not in your family. This will keep you and everybody else safe. I want you all to help as much as you can at home as well, this is a difficult time for everybody, make sure to offer to help with whatever you can, practice what you learned from Ms Downes and try some simple cooking, there’s lots you can do.

Now the bad news (not really), you’ll need to keep up your schoolwork.

To the parents: It is important that the lads do a little bit of English and some maths every day. Reading is particularly important so I will set some work that I think is appropriate. If you don’t have a laptop at home you might have to be inventive but make sure that they are spending some time each day reading while you question them on what they’ve been reading.

If you have a laptop you may have heard that have made their resources free to all during the current crisis. There are some fantastic things there and you can easily find something to interest your son.

The books that I recommend you work on are also available for free online from, just type that in and follow the instructions to download the books for free.


Read at home, do one every day, answer the 5 questions on a copybook. (TF, DT, AF, TLC, JCT and RP can use level 3, POC, MQ and HmcL can use level 2, LOS, HA and CmcN can use level 1)

Wordwise, also available from (TF, DT, AF, TLC, JCT, RP, POC, MQ and HmcL can use level 2, LOS, HA and CmcN can use level 1)

This book is broken into units, it’s a mixture of reading, grammar and phonics. I would suggest the boys do one unit over two days, some of it can be done into a copybook but if you have time to sit down with them for a while it is possible to do lots of it orally. I know it can be difficult as I am doing similar with my 4 kids at the moment but if you have the time they will really benefit from it, don’t stress about how much you can get done, judge for yourself.


Revision is key here, we had been doing subtraction before the break so it is worthwhile continuing with that and revising addition, mix it up and make it as difficult as they are able for. There are a selection of maths books available from, they will need a new copy as the maths copies will be in school.

If you are comfortable giving teaching a go then the next topics on the plan for this year are fractions, weight and time.

The book I recommend is Mathemagic,

TF, DT, RP, AF, POC, HA, TLC, JCT can work at level 2

LOS, HmcL, CMcG and MQ can work at level 2.

Project work: research and write, make a small project about ‘somebody I admire’. It can be a sportsstar, musician, actor, youtuber or somebody they know personally.

If anybody wants any advice or has specific questions they can email me at, you can also email me any pictures of the work you’ve been doing and I’ll reply asap.

Best of luck over the next few weeks.