Room 9 Work (Ms Noonan’s Class)

March 25, 2020 Admin

Dear parents


Try not worry too much about your child’s learning when school resumes, teachers will be starting from where we left off on March 12th. If school work is causing you or your child stress or difficulty then stop. Do activities that work for your family. Here is a menu of ideas do what works for you.

  • Teach your child to cook a basic meal such as scrambled egg on toast or a simple pasta dish.
  • Use a premixed pack to make brown bread or a cake.
  • Play board games.
  • Go out and do a nature walk asking them to look for signs of Spring.
  • Take photos of some flowerers, trees look up the names of them.
  • Do some art and craft.
  • Build a street using cardboard boxes, talk about the shapes, play shop that involve simple money activities.
  • Ask your child to choose something that interests them and do a project on it.
  • Teach them how to sew in a button, peel a vegetable, make a cup of tea or coffee these are valuable life skills.
  • Do some skipping activities ask them to show you some skills from the skipping workshop.
  • Label things around the house ask your child to read them daily.
  • Keep a diary some children can draw a picture of something they did every day.
  • Maths can be done through practical ideas- baking, measure length of rooms by pacing, water play with different containers. How many jugs fill the pot? How many cups fill the pot?
  • Play cards
  • Make sure to do PE. Use Youtube for guided lessons
  • Use websites such as for practising tables and numbers