School Calendar 2023-2024


The following is our most up-to-date School Calendar for the 2023-2024 school year.

Date Details Term
4th Sept 2023 School Opens (for existing pupils) 1
6th Sept 2023 New pupils start  
27th Oct 2023 School Closes for Halloween Midterm (at 3.05pm)  
6th Nov 2023 School Reopens  
22nd Dec 2023 School Closes for Christmas Holidays (at 12.30pm)  
8th Jan 2024 School Reopens 2
5th Feb 2024 Closed for Bank Holiday  
14th Feb 2024 School Closes for Midterm Break (at 3.05pm)  
19th Feb 2024 School Reopens  
18th March 2024 Closed for St Patrick’s Day Holiday  
22nd March 2024 School Closed for Easter Holidays (at 12.30pm)  
8th April 2024 School Reopens 3
6th May 2024 Closed for Bank Holiday  
3rd June 2024 Closed for Bank Holiday  
26th June 2024 School Closes for Summer Holidays (at 12.30pm)